Mingzi’s Examples of the 2 main ideas for Final Project

Stamp Stop

Examples of existing Services:

  1. www.travelingusa.com/kids (gives you tips on the kids friendly attractions, hotels, and restaurants)
  2. http://www.kidscantravel.com (Tips and articles on safety trips with kids, and favorite attractions, hotels, etc.)
  3. Japanese Metro Station kids’ Stamp Kits
  4. Disney Stamp Books (kids go around Disneyland, getting signatures of all of their favorite characters in their specific stations)
  5. http://www.travelforkids.com (where you can plan your next trip with your kids)

Mood Café


  1. Cable Carr (it shows movies in a comfortable setting)
  2. Hooters (although a totally different approach from my service, it is a theme restaurant with strict dress policies.)
  3. Ninja Restaurant in Japan (created for a mysterious oldie Japanese look where people can dine in and experience a different side of pop Tokyo) http://www.ninjaakasaka.com
  4. Cosafe Maid Café for Singaporean (café where girls dress up as anime characters) http://animetunes.wordpress.com
  5. Rainforest Café (a café that has a setting of a rainforest. People go to the Rainforest Café not always for good food, but to have a good and different experience.

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