Services Mike Clare finds inspiring

Mad Housers- an organization that builds very small homes for homeless that are living in squatter camps.

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Curitiba Brazil- a city of 1.8 million people.  Considered to have the best public transportation in the world.  Also the city is planned to create a sense of community

article about planning>

Steel Yard- a community based center for art holding classes, studios for artist, and a place to work.  I particularly like their trash can project where the welding class’ project is to create a trash can which is then sold to the city of providence and put back into the community, and that sale reduces the cost of the class by 50%


Pearl Bakery- Based in Portland OR, this bakery has a strong mission statement that states their responsibility to feeding the hungry.  I found this inspiring and wondered the possibility of having a conventionally capitalist venture be the means for achieving a different motive.  In the case of the Pearl Bakery it is the following,

“We love to bake.
Through baking, we connect with our community by:
creating great bread and pastries,
feeding our family, friends and neighbors,
teaching and sharing our craft,
developing relationships, and
practicing responsibility to the environment.”

Salvation Army-  Its a great idea to have a used goods store, even better because it is affordable.  The most inspiring aspect is that it seems the service is really a way to give people who are going through rehabilitation an opportunity to work.


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