services that adrian finds inspiring

The “AUTOSTADT” (directly translated: Cartown)

Is an artifical but real existing little town created by Volkswagen and is located directly where the cars are manufactured (in Wolfsburg). The idea behind this “Volkswagen-World” is make the brand Volkswagen more tangible. For example if you buy a Volkswagen you can pick it up in the Autostadt. When you arrive in the Autostadt you get a guided-tour through the manufacturing-halls, you can visit car-museums, go out for dinner, visit little pavillons of other car-brands, related to Volkswagen (Audi, Seat, Porsche, Lambo…) Besides this, it has a very good art-museum and a lot of highly recognized cultural events like concerts.




Big Think

Is homepage where interviews of intellectual people or public person are posted. They always talk about a specific theme, so you can search for keywords or categories and listen to what they have to say about that.




Is originally a coffebrand but over the time they expanded their area of activity and they are selling now holidays, cellphones and everyday products. The interesting concept behind Tchibo is, that they create new products related to a specific theme EVERY WEEK





Is a special ticket by European (railroad-providers?). This ticket enables you to select several countries in Europe and the time how long the ticket is going to be valid. For example: If you buy a ticket for Italy, Spain and Portugal for three weeks you can use every public transportation systems in these countries (from Metro to Interstate-trains)




Mitfahrgelegenheit (car-lift)

Is an Online-Service that gives poor students a cheap possibility to travel between big cities in Germany. On a homepage people can look at offerings from other people who offer free seats in their cars. If time and location match you can call the driver and arrange a meeting-point. The best: The service is for free!


The Website:


The Transparent Factory

Is a car-manufacturing firm, where Volkswagen assembles his premium model, the Phaeton. The interesting aspect, as the name indicates, is the fact that you can see the whole manufacturing process. I highly recommend the picture gallery!




Workshops at Boisbuchet

The “Domaine de Boisbuchet” is a very nice piece of land, which is owned by the owner of VITRA. In his generosity he offers his land during the summer too motivated design student, who can participate in Workshops, held by famous Designer from allover the world.






Is the prodcucer of very beautiful bags and wallets, which are recycled out of old truck plane.




Sorry for the strange editing. In my InDesign-document everything looks normal and I tried to change it a couple of times. Just delete it when necessary.


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