For my service, I want to explore the de-emphasis on album art with the increasing intangibility of digital music. Basically, I’m trying to find a way to bring back album art as an important part of the musical experience…So the first services I’ve thought of in relation to this concept were obviously iTunes and other music-downloading services…rhapsody, ruckus–which is free for college students and legal, but kind of sucky…

I was then thinking about services where you can create your own artwork and submit it for consideration in various contests: — a t-shirt design site–there’s other sites like this where you can submit t-shirt designs… — a partner site to threadless where you submit patterns and they
(rarely) print them on stuff. I think it’s a cool concept, but there’s not much activity on the site. — a site where you submit sneaker desgins.

…Pepsi and Mountain Dew have contests where you can submit designs for can/bottle designs. Converse has a service where you can kind of design your own sneakers:

I realized after coming up with my basic concept that it was almost identical to Designers for Obama, which a friend of mine put together, I think with Adam’s help. My idea is not very similar to this anymore, but it has things in common still…

I also was thinking about the music pages on myspace. I’m not a myspace user, but I still go onto the myspace pages of artists I’m interested in from time to time to find out when shows are and to hear new music. Myspace music is a pretty good way for artists to interact directly with their fanbase, especially for artists who aren’t too well-known. Here’s a couple cool myspace music pages from artists I like:

I was also thinking of deviantart, where people can post their own artwork and others look at it and comment on it, which is similar to my concept. And youtube has stuff in common with what I was thinking too…

Maia mentioned that I should look at lastfm. There’s also other services like which bring music to the user on a much more personal level.

So yeah, those are the things I’ve been thinking…



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