Giacomo Vignoni

I would like to project a new interactive-suistaenable system for subway station. Unfortunately Subway stations are always dark,old and without a new services; and so I have think to re-think about this topic to trasform the subwaystation like a enjoy moment!!

In the past i worked about piezoelectric energy that can transform movement in electricty energy.



This system was just used to project a disco in cool!!

Project description
The Sustainable Dance Club is a new club experience. During the kick-off party in Off_Corso on October 2006, we showed a preview where you could pick ‘Okay’ fruit from the Garden of Delight for a freshly mixed cocktail, personalize your clothes by the ‘fair trade’ fashion brand Kuyichi and drink your organic beer in the light of the low- energy LED wall of Philips, which changes colour in reaction to the measured global footprint of the evening. More than 1400 visitors enjoyed the kick off and the positive feedback has encouraged us to deepen the concept.

In 2007 we will expand the Sustainable Dance Club to a professional company, which will exist of the following activities:

powered by
De Sustainable Dance Club strives to be self-supportive in the energy / water needs, by reducing these as much as possible and to produce the remaining demand environmentally.

In order to achieve this we will apply existing technologies like grey (wat zijn dit, grijswater etc) water circuits and wind turbines, but we take it one important step further.  Key clubbing processes like: clubbing, drinking, eating, dancing, flirting and listening to music will become sustainable in the physical environment as well as in the business processes. Clubbing will become a totally new experience with a high feel-good factor. Our core activities are advising new and old club owners on how they can make their clubs sustainable. Besides this we also assist in the design, implementation and realization of this.

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