The Beginnings of a Final Idea

At the moment, I am moving towards an idea for my final project. In short, I would like to create a unique connection between students and “lecturers” (visiting artist/designers, alumni, faculty, students). I use quotes because I feel there are different levels of communication (workshops, small group conversation, video, studio/office tours) that can further enrich the experience for all parties involved.

After attending A Better World By Design conference this weekend, I realize how beneficial it is to have the opportunity to speak with people involved in the design world. In addition, how happy those people are to share their knowledge with inquisitive students.

By inviting and providing accommodations for visiting speakers, the community would establish the value in having guests come to campus. Students would also find value in having guests who could connect “real life” work with the projects their doing in studio.

The network is based on the value of exchanging ideas and creativity. Having different levels of interaction, students and speakers are not limited in how much or how frequently they wish to participate in these dialogues. This project could also be a way of connecting risd students with the community, further spreading our love for art/design. This would foster an intrest/appreciation for the arts throughout Rhode Island.

I am still in the process of creating touchpoints to strengthen this ecology. I am interested in working with the internet and possibly interactive social objects.



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