Final Project Idea

     I have always thought that the Laundry system in RISD is inconvenient. When I go all the way down to laundry room, sometimes all machines were full and I had to come back and wait until any machine is available. I would never know if there are available laundry machines unless I actually go to laundry room to check. One time I put my laundry in the washer and totally forgot about it. When I realized that I left my laundry in laundry room, it was too late. Someone stole all my American Apparel clothes! I was so upset but I could not do anything.

     Based on my experience, I decided to develop the laundry system for college students who live in school dormitory. I want to make an internet website that shows every laundry room on every floor in school dormitory so that students can monitor the status of laundry machines.

     I found that there are already existing internet applications such as “” for Roger Williams and “” for Columbia University. I asked my friend who goes to Columbia University about his online laundry system and he said he feels convenient but still there are some problems; even if he knows that there is available washer or dryer, the one who goes to the laundry room first got to do laundry first, and also the only way that he can know whether his laundry is done is to check the website. I thought it would be better if they have a waiting list for laundry and an alert system. For the alert system, I am planning to use sound effect and text message service.

-MinJoo Kim


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