Is Snif Tag a Social Object?

The Snif Tag monitors your dog’s activities while you’re away and keeps in touch with his friends and yours.  It also allows you to share helpful information and pet tips online.  It is a fresh idea that considers relation between pets and their owners, and connections among users of this device.  However, the question is that how many people are actually going to buy this $300, pricy device, for their dogs and themselves.  The social part of this device other than knowing when your dog’s running and sleeping loses its value unless a large group of people use it.  This question also brings you to another question; does it matter how many people use it to be social?  In business side on this product, the more people use it, the more profit the company gets.  However, if I were to just talk about this device becoming a social object, I can say that it does not really matter how many people use it.  Even if there is only one person who uses it other than you, you still have a social connection with this person as soon as you become to know the person’s dog has Snif Tag.  Then, you will be interested in how this other person raises his pet, and at the same time, you have a chance to get to know this person.  How the individual thinks about what is to be social or to be in social is all different.  If this device, Snif Tag, gives one person a special and fresh experience involving social interaction, it becomes a social object.


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