Social Object and Sniftag

Technically, according to, a social object is defined as anything that is visible or tangible and is pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations.  Although that definition might be correct, it only gives a brief description of the term.  In my view, a social object is a tool that allows the users to connect physically or visually with the service they are involved in.  It could be the mouse they are using; it could be “the easy button” they are pressing a a staples store; it could be your credit card.  A social object allows the user to communicate on a more complex level with a rather simple network. 

The Sniftag is a very modern social object.  Its concepts are very clever.  It targets the dogowner usergroup.  Much of our population has pets, not not everybody has dogs.  It would be interesting for it to expand its network into other pets as well.  It is clear that there are many dog lovers in America, but it doesn’t mean that every dog lover is willing to spend $300 on a dog monitor.  The sniftag would be great if it is widely used in a neighborhood, where their owers can interact with eachother on the web, but to get to that point is the biggest trouble.  I am a true dog lover, but i doubt that i would find the sniftag very helpful in my personal life, although it will be very entertaining. 



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  Maia wrote @

We were just given a Sniftag by the developers and the most interesting angle for us is being able to learn what our dog is doing while he’s home alone. This will allow us to learn about his secret life 🙂


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