SnifTag – Not Sniffing Up My Tree…

It seems that there’s a bit of a discord between SnifTag’s selling points and what users really enjoy most about the service. The website implies that SnifTag is meant to help improve your dog’s exercise habits, and additionally serves as a means for you to meet new people. It clearly puts emphasis on your desire to care for your dog, though, and even focuses on product styling. 

But when you buy this service, are you really doing it for your dog? Is it perhaps more a present for you? What I suspect people will most enjoy about the experience is meeting other pet owners who also own SnifTags. The social aspect of the tag itself is the driving force. And it seems to me the dog monitoring is just a slapped-on feature, lacking in breadth and depth.

Why go to all the trouble of making such an expensive device, that’s probably wasteful to the environment, when social networking for pet owners could be achieved in so many other ways?

I guess this thing might catch on in rich niche markets, but even if I had a pet, I wouldn’t invest the money for it.



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