what adrian thinks about snifftag and social objects



the hardware seems to be designed carefully and thoughtful. it offers the possibility to customize the actual tag and clip it in a confident and solid way to the collier. the release with the little key is a  nice detail, which supports the “clean”surface to keep it as robust as possible. a negative point is, that the tag is not waterresistant, which in my eyes, is a disadvantage, because a lot of dogs love water.

the reader itself  seemed to be made thoughtfull and sensitive. the glowing edge in the loading-mode is a nice detail. also the the plug for the power-outlet offers a good solution for an annoying never solved problem.


it is in general well-known that dogs often function as social connecter between their owner and that dog-owner are willing to pay a lot of money fo their best friend. so the basic idea of establishing a plattform for the social interaction between the owners and make them pay for it, is a clever idea.  where I personally see some possiblities to improve is how the idea is brought to reality and what the actual functions are.

when i heard of the idea of snifftag i immediatly thought of a german bag-company (http://www.logstoff.com/) which creates for every client a new e-mail adress. this email-adress is placed on the bag. so whenever you see somebody which a bag from that brand, you can write down the e-mail adress and contact the owner via a plattform. this concept obviously doesn´t include the automatic recognition and doesn´t allow you to see, in which position you´re dog currently is in. but this is in my eyes already the big question. are people willing to pay $300 dollars for these functions? i think if there would be some  a lot more functions about the activities of your dog for example the gps-tracking system, it would create  a signifcant add-value to the actual product and would move the focus on the right spot, the worries of the owner , when they can´t be with their best friend.  in this case the social part would be a positive selling-argument, but not the main-argument.

-social objects

to me basically every object or subject, concrete or virtual, has the potential to be a social object. the more people are interested in that object the more succesful a social object is.
two  movements that occured to me during the last month is on the one hand the fast expanding offering of more or less successful social objects / subjects and the frustration of the customer on the other hand. a good example of the try to create succesful objects is the Microsoft Zune compared to the IPod.  Further on a lot of firms try to bound their customers with memberships, newsletter….  This causes on the other hand an overwhelming feeling and disorientation for the customer.  you could see more and more frustrated and disappointed user of services,  because the value that they get back is in no relation to what they spend on time.


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[…] when i heard of the idea of snifftag i immediatly thought of a german bag-company (http://www.logstoff.com/) which creates for every client a new e-mail adress. Original post […]

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