SNIF Tag – Kcho

Sniftag “Tails told, friends made.”
This is a service that monitors movements of your dog and you can see little animations of what your dog might be doing. There is also a social network where you can meet other SNIF Tag owners.
The Q and A in the website is a great way to get the feeling of what the SNIF Tag is all about. The service already knows where the concerns lie. The questions together ultimately ask, where is the value of this product? The value is made solid when one SNIF Tag interacts with another SNIF Tag. There has to be a boom in the popularity in order for the SNIF Tag to create this network. Here lies the question how to get people to begin using/buying/investing/up –grading? The website is well organized. The little (big) quotes from National Geographic and Wired and The New York Times, this sense of credibility is exactly what a customer would be looking for. I have a little bit of trouble when I read the quotes. They are almost just describing the SNIF Tag. Are not quotes usually things stated like “breathtaking” “undeniably the best film of the year…”? Of course these are movie quotes but I felt like I was looking for more.
The last question “Can the SNIF Tag help me find my dog if he gets lost?” is almost alluding, I need something essential in the service.
I feel like the value of social networking is almost pushed onto the customer.
The SNIF Tag is great at creating a need. Sure, if dog owners really want to keep track of what the dog is vaguely doing, this is the perfect product. This is a great distraction made for the customer. Where is the meat of the product?
I am struggling with similar ideas.


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