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“Create Motion Tween” in Flash CS4 Explained

Hey guys, I thought you might find this article helpful, especially if you plan on using Flash in your final presentations.

MonkeyFlash – The New Motion Tween



Services that Rose found interesting

bike dispenser- It’s a bike rental system in the Netherlands that allows people to rent a bike for nearly $3 a day.

smart bike DC – is also a bike rental system in DC that allowsy tou to rent a bike but their system for renting is much different.

Theses systems attempted to solve the problem of bike storage and parking. The major problem with both systems that I see are firstly, they only allow one type of bike to be stored at their station and unless you have that specific type of bike you cannot use the kiosks to lock up your bike, so they are not fulfilling their original purpose to create more bike parking within a city. Secondly both require a rfid card specific to their service, which limits peoples access unless they are members of the service already.

Babysitter finding service- a service for finding a baby sitter locally where you cold check their credibility.

Expert knowledge swap- a way for people to offer up their area of expertise in order to gain expertise from others. Like a more personal, and reliable version of Wikipedia.

Exercise buddy- a way to find someone to exercise with

Water purifying system,- similar to that of a water fountain in a work place and school, but pours differently in order to be able to fill a bottle or glass.,-Not-So-Much!&id=1330082  


Related Websites and Videos

First Idea-Party and Event Planning – party and event planning service in Philly Event Planning & Execution web 2 & social networking –how to be an event planner – a day in the life – event planner

Second Idea-Reducind Alcohol Consumption by Free Will – LG’s new cell phone with breathalyzer  – LG’s new cell phone with breathalyzer – access to iPod on cars – Nissan cars with breathalyzer – Progressive MyRate program – disgusting ads for smoking

Places to find images

Free Stock image places

Stock Exchange





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