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Here is a little blurb on a guy that will never forget the little extra that a service provided for him.



Helio, Immigrants!

Every year, many immigrants come into the U.S. for many reasons. One of the major reasons is to enroll in an educational institution; to become students. With a swarm of young asians coming into the U.S., telecom businesses have made efforts to target them – especially the Korean Americans – despite the fact that the Korean American population makes up for less than 1% of the American population, and 70% of them have been born outside of the U.S. borders. Many Korean and Japanese youthes coming into the U.S. often find it like taking a trip to a few years back in time. Having wireless broadband service available in almost every corner of the nation in both Korea and Japan, both the young and the middle-aged demographics commonly use their mobile phones also for other functions such as a credit card, news, TV, pet monitor…etc. Businesses find such a small demographic a powerful one to target because of their connections with potential immigrants and their ability to act as advertising agents when a technology is introduced into the U.S. that has been introduced earlier in parts of Asia.



An interesting characteristic of the asian immigrants (particularly Koreans and Japanese) are their likeliness to continue speaking their native language even in the U.S. Also, statistically, 90% of Korean youth population in Korea – ages 14 to 19 – are said to have their own mobile phones and on average sends about 60.1 messages per day. Incomparison, only 35% of all Americans use the text message feature.

To cater to such demographics, SK Telecom introduced Helio. A mobile phone service which provides its own set of mobile phone devices that have both the Korean and English keypads for text messaging. Also, it offers text messaging overseas and international roaming at low prices. For example, to make calls or to recieve calls to and from Korea, it only costs 10 cents per minute. The phone also works overseas. It not only targets the incoming asian students; it also targets the locals. Helio phone allows access to, Flickr to upload pictures, video and music downloading, and streaming from 10 different internet sources. It also comes with an unlimited text messaging feature.

Such service allows easy transition for immigrants, especially Koreans, to come into the U.S., especially becasue the service and the mobile phone devices can be both purchased and used on both Korean and American soil.


– Joo Young Lim

Medical Records and Container Refills

I have two new things to do when I visit the doctor. First, about a couple of months ago, they started requiring that all their patients wear identification wrist bands. Then, on my last visit, I had to list all my current medications on a sheet of paper, and I was told I’d have to bring this with me every time I visited the doctor (or else I’d have to fill out a new one), even though my medical records already contained all of this information! Ironically, I made a mistake about the amount of one medication when I wrote it down, so my medical records were more accurate anyway.

I have multiple doctors (here and back at home in California). Sometimes they are in communication with each other, sometimes not. Especially frustrating is that I can’t talk with many of them via email – instead I must instead fax even the simplest of messages. None of my medical information is stored digitally anywhere, as far as I know.

Companies like Google and iHealthRecord  are trying to change this, however:

Google offers online medical records service


Cleveland Clinic

 It’s a step in the right direction, but doctors’ offices and hospitals really need more comprehensive digital systems to deal with the amount of information flowing through their doors. If, for instance, a patient had all of his or her medical information stored online, and additionally synced that data to some kind of wearable device, the need for ID bands would disappear. Furthermore, nurses and doctors could use mobile phone web apps in their offices  (such as those for iPhone) to quickly pull up data on any patient, so the need for cumbersome physical records would be gone.

Medic Alert is an interesting solution for identifying people and also for identifying their allergies or conditions in case they are unable to do it themselves (in emergency situations, like unconsciousness):


Aside from the medical industry, there’s a huge opportunity for change in the way we recycle containers. Rather than throwing used containers (which are almost always in perfectly good condition) right into the recycling, wouldn’t it be better to simply go back to the store and get them refilled? Obviously, this methodology is not feasible for everything that comes in a bottle, but there are many products that consumers and manufacturers would both benefit from refilling:

Refill station for detergent bottles

Inkjet refilling


services that adrian finds inspiring

The “AUTOSTADT” (directly translated: Cartown)

Is an artifical but real existing little town created by Volkswagen and is located directly where the cars are manufactured (in Wolfsburg). The idea behind this “Volkswagen-World” is make the brand Volkswagen more tangible. For example if you buy a Volkswagen you can pick it up in the Autostadt. When you arrive in the Autostadt you get a guided-tour through the manufacturing-halls, you can visit car-museums, go out for dinner, visit little pavillons of other car-brands, related to Volkswagen (Audi, Seat, Porsche, Lambo…) Besides this, it has a very good art-museum and a lot of highly recognized cultural events like concerts.




Big Think

Is homepage where interviews of intellectual people or public person are posted. They always talk about a specific theme, so you can search for keywords or categories and listen to what they have to say about that.




Is originally a coffebrand but over the time they expanded their area of activity and they are selling now holidays, cellphones and everyday products. The interesting concept behind Tchibo is, that they create new products related to a specific theme EVERY WEEK





Is a special ticket by European (railroad-providers?). This ticket enables you to select several countries in Europe and the time how long the ticket is going to be valid. For example: If you buy a ticket for Italy, Spain and Portugal for three weeks you can use every public transportation systems in these countries (from Metro to Interstate-trains)




Mitfahrgelegenheit (car-lift)

Is an Online-Service that gives poor students a cheap possibility to travel between big cities in Germany. On a homepage people can look at offerings from other people who offer free seats in their cars. If time and location match you can call the driver and arrange a meeting-point. The best: The service is for free!


The Website:


The Transparent Factory

Is a car-manufacturing firm, where Volkswagen assembles his premium model, the Phaeton. The interesting aspect, as the name indicates, is the fact that you can see the whole manufacturing process. I highly recommend the picture gallery!




Workshops at Boisbuchet

The “Domaine de Boisbuchet” is a very nice piece of land, which is owned by the owner of VITRA. In his generosity he offers his land during the summer too motivated design student, who can participate in Workshops, held by famous Designer from allover the world.






Is the prodcucer of very beautiful bags and wallets, which are recycled out of old truck plane.




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Mingzi’s Examples of the 2 main ideas for Final Project

Stamp Stop

Examples of existing Services:

  1. (gives you tips on the kids friendly attractions, hotels, and restaurants)
  2. (Tips and articles on safety trips with kids, and favorite attractions, hotels, etc.)
  3. Japanese Metro Station kids’ Stamp Kits
  4. Disney Stamp Books (kids go around Disneyland, getting signatures of all of their favorite characters in their specific stations)
  5. (where you can plan your next trip with your kids)

Mood Café


  1. Cable Carr (it shows movies in a comfortable setting)
  2. Hooters (although a totally different approach from my service, it is a theme restaurant with strict dress policies.)
  3. Ninja Restaurant in Japan (created for a mysterious oldie Japanese look where people can dine in and experience a different side of pop Tokyo)
  4. Cosafe Maid Café for Singaporean (café where girls dress up as anime characters)
  5. Rainforest Café (a café that has a setting of a rainforest. People go to the Rainforest Café not always for good food, but to have a good and different experience.

1% for the Planet and the Zoo

By Karen Cho

These are for 1% for the Planet.  

Here are how some companies are incorporating 1%.


Reusable Bags


Aside from 1% for the Planet:

Here is a great movement that I am sad I was never inclined to know more about.

This is a search engine to make donations easier.  Not pretty but I like the idea.


Rhode Island’s zoo has a kiosk that connects with other kiosks around the country. You have to scroll down or just search “kiosk.”

an article on how zoos play a key role in a child life.

This is a great article the second to last paragraph is about touch screens that visitors can choose where they want their ticket donation to go.

Donation Kiosks
giving kiosk

Now the trouble in donation kiosks


price of convenience in service design by cathy

iPod Vending Machine In Local Mall’s Macy’s 

Mobile Vending Machine

Medical Marijuana Vending Machine

Flower Vending Machine

Other examples of Vending Machine
(Milk/Yogurt, Books, Meals, helium balloons, nail art, passport pic, psychic … etc)

As Hinman shares,, “lately… the systems and services we design in the name of ease and convenience are actually coming at a steep price… people are defined by their relationships to others… They’re important because they give a richness and texture to our daily experience. “